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The government’sModernising Support Green Paper proposes changes to Personal Independence Payments (PIP), the main disability benefit for UK adults. It suggests changing the eligibility criteria and assessments for people with physical or mental health issues. This means people with certain conditions would no longer receive regular payments.

Secretary of State for Work and Pensions said these changes are needed to help people “deal with the ordinary difficulties of life” and to push people with less severe mental health conditions into work.

Everyturn Mental Health’s Chief Executive, Adam Crampsie, commented:

“This is yet more stigmatising language from the government, less than a fortnight after the Prime Minister’s ‘sick note culture’ speech.

“With 1.9 million people on waiting lists for mental health support services in the UK already, in the midst of a cost-of-living crisis, we need more government focus on strengthening mental health and public services. 

“By further targeting people with ‘less severe mental health issues, such as anxiety or depression’, the government is just reinforcing negative stereotypes towards mental ill-health.

“Rather than being blamed for unemployment figures, people living with mental illness need to be offered tailored, holistic mental health support at the right place and the right time, in the heart of their communities.”

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