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Who we are and what we do

We’re a non-profit, working on behalf of the NHS and local authorities. We’re dedicated to supporting people and communities across the country with their mental health.

Our goal is for you to get all the benefits of working with a large, experienced NHS and social care-aligned organisation, but with the flexibility and creativeness of a charity.

Contact Pasha Tanriverdi (he/him), Head of Development, to find out more:

NHS Talking Therapies waiting list support service Learn more

Our talking therapies services cover five ICBs within England and support over 60,000 people a year.

Our non-profit waiting list support service provides fully qualified and supervised practitioners to support large volumes of patients on NHS Talking Therapies waiting lists – at lower cost than agency workers.

Our ‘Pathway Alignment Tool’ also allows us to analyse waiting lists, making sure people are on the right treatment pathway, which reduces wait times and improves outcomes.

For more information, visit NHS Talking Therapies at Everyturn.

Integrated crisis services Learn more

Our integrated crisis services work with a person’s whole life – not just their mental health challenges.

We know that someone’s unmet social and practical needs are often largely responsible for deterioration in their mental health.

We work in close partnership with NHS crisis teams to get people the urgent help they need. This relieves pressure on clinical teams, addressing the practical issues causing the crisis, and giving people the tools they need to manage in the future.

For more information, visit crisis support at Everyturn.

Waiting list support service Learn more

We work with NHS Community Treatment Teams (CTTs) to give 3-6 months of non-clinical, emotional, and practical support to people on their waiting lists.

We help to manage increased demand on CTTs by reducing their waiting lists, and ultimately improving mental health and wellbeing outcomes for patients.

Using the power of lived experience in our workforce, and providing non-clinical specialist mental health support, we free up clinical time for CTTs to support people with complex mental health needs.

For more information, visit waiting list support service.

Community mental health support services Learn more

We support people with complex mental health needs or serious mental illness (SMI) to manage their wellbeing, stay well for longer and get the support they need in their community.

We help people to work through difficult emotions and learn techniques to help them feel  more in control, particularly  with the feelings they have found challenging.

Our community set sessions are delivered 1:1 sessions for 3-6 months, as well as providing group support, focusing on what matters to each person during their recovery journey by our community mental health workers, many of who have lived experience of mental ill-health.

For more information, visit community mental health support at Everyturn.

759 patients discharged from Newcastle upon Tyne’s waiting list in 7 months

81% of people supported by our waiting list support service in Sunderland/Gateshead/North Cumbria were were discharged from CTT waiting lists

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87% people in crisis we supported increased their wellbeing scores in 2022-2023

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