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Please note: We’ve recently rebranded, changing our name from Insight IAPT to Everyturn Mental Health. Nothing else has changed – we’re still offering the same brilliant service with the same excellent team!

Talking Together Wirral is a free, confidential NHS talking therapy service, available to anyone who is aged 16+ and registered with a GP in the Wirral.

What we can help with

Our Talking Together Wirral mental health service can support you if you are experiencing a common mental health problem, such as:

If you would like to learn more about the common mental health issues we can support, please see our How are you feeling? page.

The therapies we offer

Our Wirral service offers a range of talking therapies, counselling, information, and support. Talking therapies can help you to understand and work through difficult feelings and to develop strategies for coping better.

We offer a range of talking therapies, including:

The best therapy will depend on your particular situation.

How to make an appointment

If you would like to start counselling or talking therapy with Wirral service, please fill in our self-referral form now and a member of our friendly patient coordinator team will contact you.

Who we are

Talking Together Wirral is delivered by a partnership of Everyturn Mental Health and:

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