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Everyturn Mental Health is a non-profit provider of specialist mental health services and NHS Talking Therapies.

Our NHS Talking Therapies services work across five Integrated Care Boards and support over 60,000 people a year.

What we offer

We have a national team of therapists who provide a waiting list support service for other NHS Talking Therapies providers.

Our service:

  • Rapidly reduces waiting list pressure.
  • Is more cost-effective than using agency workers.
  • Is fully compliant with NHS Talking Therapies and NICE guidelines.
  • Has a self-sufficient team with clinical oversight, risk management, and supervision.
  • Ensures the least intrusive clinical intervention first.

Our clinical and data teams have also designed a ‘Pathway Alignment Tool’, which allows us to analyse waiting lists and make sure people are on the right treatment pathway, improving outcomes and efficiency.

We’re tried and tested too – we removed over 700 people from Newcastle upon Tyne’s NHS Talking Therapies in 7 months.

Get in touch

If you are an NHS Talking Therapies provider and would like support with your waiting list, please email for more information or to arrange an exploratory phone call with our clinical team.

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