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In his speech today, the Prime Minister has suggested that Britain has developed a “sicknote culture”, claiming that in diagnosing mental health conditions, there is a risk of “over-medicalising the everyday challenges and worries of life.”

Everyturn Mental Health’s Chief Executive, Adam Crampsie, commented:

“Rhetoric like this is stigmatising and deeply harmful, as it does not reflect the reality of the many thousands of people experiencing mental health issues.

“We know that the challenges people face in their lives cannot be separated from their mental health. It is the very “worries of life” the Prime Minister mentions that often push people into mental health crisis.”

“The cost-of-living crisis in particular has been devastating to so many people. We know that people on the lowest incomes are up to three times more likely to develop mental health issues. 41% of people who accessed Everyturn Mental Health’s crisis services in 2023 were due to financial concerns.”

“At Everyturn, we know how important work is to people’s wellbeing, sense of purpose, and financial security. For that reason, mental health support should look at a person’s whole life, and that includes supporting them into the work that is right for them.”

“By implying that people with mental health issues are ‘shirking’ employment, the Prime Minister is only adding to the stigma around mental ill-health.”

“Mental health services nationally are under huge demand, with many people’s wellbeing getting worse as they wait for support. Instead of stigmatising the 1.9 million people waiting for help, investing in the public services that help to tackle the practical issues impacting people’s mental health, alongside clinical support, is what would genuinely help people get back into work.”

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