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Why we're taking action

The climate emergency is also a health emergency. Its effects will increase the challenges that already make life hard for so many of the people we support: the cost of energy and food, inadequate housing, overstretched public services, unemployment, or a feeling of things being out of control.

Through our sustainability programme, we will:

  • Reach net zero by 2030.
  • Reduce our impact on our planet.
  • Improve health conditions for the people we support and our colleagues – now and in the future.

We’re proud to have joined Become Green Together, to be working towards our bronze Investors in the Environment accreditation, and to be aligned with the Greener NHS programme.

How we're taking action

We published our carbon reduction plan (see link below) in November 2023. By then, we had already:

  • Installed smart meters across all our sites to improve monitoring and find opportunities to reduce our emissions.
  • Offered electric vehicle leasing through a salary sacrifice scheme.
  • Launched mandatory environmental awareness training to all colleagues.
  • Reduced our office footprint by closing satellite offices, preventing unnecessary carbon emissions.
  • Worked with our colleagues to develop of our carbon reduction plan, through a sustainability survey and the colleague forum.
  • Started a review of our environmental policy.
  • Launched a green Values Award for our colleagues.

Here’s what we’re doing next…

Estates & facilities Learn more
  • Review properties for energy efficiency and fabric improvements.
  • Switch to greener energy tariffs.
  • Scope the feasibility of on-site renewable energy generation.
  • Develop infrastructure for internal equipment reuse.
  • Minimise waste.
  • Work with community groups to develop green spaces.
  • Apply effective environmental guidelines for new premises.
People & community Learn more
  • Design and deliver a bespoke Carbon Literacy training course.
  • Identify and share relevant volunteering opportunities.
  • Improve facilities to encourage active travel.
  • Information campaigns to encourage low carbon transport.
Supply chain Learn more
  • Review supplier data and update procurement policy.
  • Require key suppliers to have net zero targets.
  • Improve Carbon Literacy across organisation and offer training to key suppliers.
  • Review financial investments.
Data & monitoring Learn more
  • Develop sustainability reporting dashboard.
  • Recalculate carbon footprint to include additional scope 3 categories.
  • Improve data collection & analysis.
  • Incorporate a new sustainability committee and delivery group.
  • Set SMART targets.

What our colleagues say

We surveyed our colleages in 2023 to gather their views and ideas about sustainability

85% are worried about the climate crisis

Everyturn Conversation Illustration

92% feel it's our responsibility to reduce Everyturn's environmental impact

Everyturn Illustrations Holding Hands

96% have made lifestyle changes to tackle climate change

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Sustainability vision statement


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Carbon reduction plan


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Carbon reduction plan

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