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The UK government’s Spring Budget was announced today and focused on additional tax cuts but gave no clear plans for any future investment or much needed funding for public services, such as the NHS.

A recent Ipsos poll showed that the UK public is dissatisfied with spending on public service, with the top concern being the NHS (30%).

While there was much emphasis on tax cuts, public service funding is not keeping pace with demand. Everyturn calls on the government for further commitments to the services our communities depend on. 

Our Chief Executive, Adam Crampsie, commented: 

“Today’s Spring Budget announcement contained all too little about our strained public services. The Chancellor announced several tax cuts, emphasised increasing NHS productivity and efficiency, and restated the government’s commitment to 1% growth in public spending – but with little detail on how this will be spent.  

“Demand for public services continues to outstrip funding. We continue to see significant increases in referrals to our mental health services, so we urge the government to focus on strengthening the NHS and social care services that help people overcome the poverty and inequalities pushing them into crisis. This is how we will improve our communities’ wellbeing and ultimately enable people to access the right support, from the right place, at the right time.

“At Everyturn, we’ll continue to develop accessible, community-based, compassionate mental health services, so that no one is left to struggle alone.” 

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