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To understand how our colleagues are feeling, as well as how we can offer the right support, we’ve been gathering feedback through short wellbeing ‘pulse’ surveys, which have been shaped by feedback from our colleagues.

The results are in!

We’re delighted to share the results of our latest wellbeing ‘pulse’ survey.

We asked our colleagues: with regards your wellbeing, do you feel supported by your manager? 83% of colleagues replied ‘yes’. This shows an increase from our previous wellbeing ‘pulse’ survey, held in July 2021, in which 81% replied ‘yes’.

We also asked: with regards your wellbeing, do you feel supported by the organisation? 62% of colleagues who responded stated ‘yes’. This shows another increase, as in July 2021 only 54% of colleagues agreed.

We also received positive feedback when it comes to promoting wellbeing. 74% of colleagues agreed that our organisation actively promotes mental and physical health amongst its colleagues. Compared to the results of our Great Place to Work survey, this number is up by 15% from 59% of colleagues.

And finally, we’re delighted to share that 81% of our colleagues feel confident and accepted for who they are in our workplaces.

Our wellbeing support

It’s fantastic to receive such positive results, which suggest that our new wellbeing strategy is making a huge impact already.

In the past year, we’ve already improved our benefits package by introducing wellbeing with Vitality, increasing annual leave, and introducing volunteering days. We’ve also been hosting mindfulness sessions, amplifying colleagues’ voices in the Colleague Forum and Exec Team Stand-Up, funding team events, and investing in our workplace environments.

Our survey gave our colleagues an opportunity to reflect on the things that they’re grateful for. In this section, our colleagues explained that they are excited about our new Vitality wellbeing package and appreciate the increase to annual leave and our agile working practices. Our colleagues also appreciate our open and supportive culture and really value the support of their teams and colleagues.

Our next steps

While the feedback we received was largely positive, we’re also grateful for the opportunity to understand areas that our colleagues feel could be improved even further.

So, moving forward, we’re working with our Wellbeing Champions to focus on our mental health support for colleagues, to go alongside our physical health initiatives.

We’re also providing practical financial support for our colleagues during the cost-of-living crisis. This includes becoming a Real Living Wage employer and setting up a new confidential service for colleagues who are having financial worries.

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