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The results are in – we have officially achieved accreditation as a Great Place to Work, as decided by our  amazing colleagues!

As part of our Shaping our Future strategy, we’re investing in our people to create a high-performing organisation. The voice and opinions of our colleagues is a key part of this, which is why we value this feedback so much.

We averaged 74% positive ratings across our areas of assessment, including trust, wellbeing, and leadership effectiveness. Some of the most positive feedback we received was around our organisational values, diversity and inclusion, our contribution to communities, and how meaningful our work is.

In fact, 87% of our colleagues feel that their work has special meaning: it’s not “just a job”, and 82% feel like they really make a difference through the work that they do.

We’re delighted to hear that 85% of our colleagues think that the people they work with are willing to go the extra mile to get the job done. This shows our fantastic people are embodying one of our key values, excellence; we go the extra mile to deliver the right outcomes for people and we’re proud of what we do.

We’re also glad to see that our colleagues feel welcome and accepted in our organisation. As 85% people feel like they can be themselves at work, and 88% of people think that new starters are made to feel welcome.

Our people also had a lot of positive feedback about our leadership, with 71% of colleagues thinking that management shows a sincere interest in them as a person, not just an employee. This is reflected in our colleague networks and working groups, which work to amplify the voices of colleagues.

“I think the fact that staff are encouraged to join working groups to get ideas off the ground and develop community involvement, as part of working together and everyone matters, is most impressive.”

Through the survey, we also identified some areas to focus on to make us an even greater place to work, such as financial support, colleague benefits, mental and physical health support, our working environment, and having fun!

We’re grateful to have an opportunity to get such detailed, honest feedback from our colleagues. While we’re delighted with the overwhelmingly positive feedback, we’re also excited to learn about the areas our colleagues feel could be improved and are already working to address these ideas.

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