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As you may already know, Insight IAPT rebranded to Everyturn Mental Health on the 20 March 2023. Our name and logo may be different – but we’re the same team, delivering the same high-impact, integrated NHS Talking Therapies across the UK as we did as Insight IAPT.

We’re incredibly proud of the history of our organisation, and the high-quality services that we provide to the people we support. We know things can be confusing when accessing mental health support, as there is a lot to take in. Our rebrand plays a huge part in ensuring we continue to deliver the highest quality of care, in the most accessible way possible.

“This brand gives us a single ‘front door’, so that people who are coming to use our services don’t have a convoluted journey to getting the help they need.” – Adam Crampsie, Chief Executive at Everyturn Mental Health.

Our NHS Talking Therapies services all remain the same, in all of the same locations we delivered before. We were here to listen and support you as Insight IAPT, and we’re still here to listen and support you as Everyturn Mental Health.

We provide a range of talking therapies and support, for many common mental health issues. If you’re looking for support with your mental health, it’s easier than ever to self-refer to our NHS Talking Therapies services.

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