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Episode 8

In this episode, Adam, Chief Executive at Everyturn, talks to Steve Phillip, Founder and Director of The Jordan Legacy.

Tragically, on 4 December 2019, Steve’s son, Jordan took his own life.

With the aim of preventing future suicides, and ambition to move toward a zero suicide society, Steve established The Jordan Legacy CIC.

The Jordon Legacy CIC was established in memory of Jordan Phillip. Our mission is to help us move toward a ‘zero suicide society’ which, in our eyes, is a society that is willing and able to do all it can to prevent all preventable suicides.’

The Jordan Legacy is petitioning to the UK Government to introduce a suicide prevention act to seek to minimise suicides. Click here to find out more about this petition and how you can help.

You can find out more about The Jordan Legacy by visiting

An enormous thank you to Steve for shining a light on Jordan’s story, and sharing his own experience as a loved one who has lost someone to suicide.

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