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On 3 December, our Alderwood respite and assessment unit had the grand opening of Rose Cottage: a beautiful, dementia-friendly reminiscence and activity room!

Anyone is welcome in Rose Cottage — residents, relatives, and carers. The room has been set in the style of the 1940s and ’50s to help people who have dementia feel at home, making it an ideal area to reminisce. The room is filled with familiar smells and sounds, along with many activities to help everyone relax and use all their senses.

There are activities which occupy people’s hands to stimulate the feeling of touch, reminiscence cards, and song sheets for singalongs of songs well-known to their generation. Aqua paints are available, along with jigsaws and colour therapy. If Rose Cottage’s visitors would just prefer a little bit of chill-out time, everyone is welcome to relax with a drink of choice, either on their own or with loved ones.

A huge well done to the team for creating such a special place for our residents and their loved ones to enjoy!

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