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We’re working with Talend to deliver integrated data to improve our decision-making processes.

John explains:

“Our goal is to make our mental health services accessible to even more people. That means basing our decisions on data, rather than hunches.

Previously, there wasn’t an easy way to connect our systems or data sources, so we had a lot of ad-hoc reporting, which is very time-consuming. That’s why Talend really stood out, Talend solved our immediate challenges and can support our journey in the future.

Now, with the support of Talend, we’re able to provide integrated, trustworthy data that guides our core decisions. Talend helped us identify exactly what the weaknesses were and how to improve data health.”

Improving our data health will help us to innovate and improve our services, to make an even bigger impact on the lives of the people we support and make sure no one struggles alone.

John explains:

“We can now use data to understand how we can do things differently to be more efficient. Over time, we hope to support more people by being efficient and agile in everything we do.”

Congratulations to John and his fantastic team, who are demonstrating one of our core values, innovation, in their work to streamline our services.

We’re looking forward to seeing the impact this will make!


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