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This training course will introduce you to the five key elements of psychologically-informed environments and how they can improve clients’ experience of your service. This can help your team to consider whether you want to develop your service into a PIE, or to go further on your PIE ‘journey’ as a way to improve the service for your clients.

To book places on this course, email Ray at

What is included in the training?

The training will be delivered in five 30-minute training sessions over the internet via a live stream on Periscope, allowing you to watch it on a smartphone or computer.

The live training will also be recorded and sent to all participants, so it is not essential for everyone to tune into the live broadcast. This way, the content can be watched at a later date, or more than once.

The cost of the training is £35 per person (for 2.5 hours of recorded content and invitation to watch live). There will be one 30-minute session per week for five weeks. The sessions will take place on:

  • Friday, 8 January 2016
  • Friday,  15 January
  • Friday, 22 January
  • Friday, 29 January
  • Friday, 5 February

What will the sessions include?

Visit our PIE Training Course page for more detail about course content.

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