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This week is Net Zero Week, which is all about raising awareness of the need to reduce our carbon emissions to tackle the ever-increasing effects of the climate crisis. We’re proud to have joined Become Green Together – a programme focused on guiding voluntary, charity, and social enterprise (VCSE) organisations in the North East and Cumbria towards more sustainable practice.

A key part of our ‘Shaping Our Future’ strategy at Everyturn is delivering a measurable impact to society. A significant part of this is our aim to become carbon neutral by 2030.

Become Green Together is a great opportunity for us to learn and share knowledge about climate action with other VCSE organisations that are committed to achieving net zero. We will have the chance to measure and manage our carbon footprint, while also working with Investors in the Environment to understand our environmental impact, so we can take genuine action to reduce it. 

Reaching net zero will take a lot of innovative measures and solutions, ambitious government policies, and a lot of hard but important effort!

We’ve been speaking to Sam Cassidy, our Net Zero and Sustainability Lead (a new role!), about what exactly net zero means and why it’s important – not just to us as an organisation, but to the planet.

What is net zero?

“It can be difficult to understand many of the terms used around the climate and nature crisis. Net zero is the point at which the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere equals the amount of greenhouse gases removed from the atmosphere.

Put simply, it’s about caring for our planet and the people who live in it.”

Why is net zero important?

“Reaching net zero is critical for the protection of our communities and the natural world. Greenhouse gas emissions from our own actions are warming the planet to dangerous levels, increasing the frequency of climate disasters and destroying natural ecosystems.

Organisations and individuals all have roles to play and short windows to act. The clock is ticking!”

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