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As a key part of our Shaping Our Future Strategy, we’re championing equality, diversity and inclusion for the benefit of all.

To help us to achieve these goals, we’re working with an organisation called EW Group. EW Group has over 30 years of experience in the field of diversity and inclusion and will help us to build a more inclusive culture where everyone can thrive.

Sarah Dewar, our Chief People Officer explains:

We’re really excited to be partnering with EW Group on our inclusion journey to gain an objective view of where we already excel and understand what we can do to improve our working lives.

This important piece of work will help us to create an environment where we foster the best experience possible for our people and everyone feels a sense of belonging.

Our colleagues from across Everyturn Mental Health and Everyturn Mental Health will have an opportunity to get involved with the work EW Group are doing and share their thoughts and experiences. This will include input from our Colleague Forum and our LGBTQ+; Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic; and neurodiversity colleague networks.

We’re looking forward to working with EW Group to further our inclusion journey and make sure everyone is able to bring their whole selves to work.

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