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It was all hands on deck at Pinetree Lodge this week, as a group of 30 volunteers from our head office led by Adam, our CEO, got green-fingered and creative!

Pinetree Lodge is one of our 24-hour dementia care homes, and its garden was looking a little forlorn after the pandemic, so Adam gathered a team from head office to give the garden a bit of TLC. The goal was to renovate it into a beautiful place where our residents and their loved ones can enjoy themselves and connect with nature.

Colleagues from IT, finance, marketing, HR, our leadership team, and more came to help on the day – armed with tools, enthusiasm, and plenty of sun cream!

We wanted the garden to be a space that the residents can explore with all their senses, so we took care to choose plants of a variety of colours, textures, scents, and sizes – including plants that make a pleasant sound in the breeze, or attract butterflies and bees.

The volunteers were there all day, digging, weeding, painting, planting, repairing wooden furniture, and jet washing the brick work.

Adam said:

“Today has been one of my best days since joining Everyturn Mental Health! The team worked tirelessly to make the space amazing for the residents and colleagues. The work they did will make an immeasurable difference to their lives and overall dementia care. I am so humbled to work alongside such dedicated people. So here I am, achy, dirty and sunburnt but loving everything I do with Everyturn Mental Health and its wonderful people!”

Next week, to celebrate Carers Week, the residents and their loved ones are invited to a garden party in their honour. More updates to come!

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