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The end-of-life team at Pinetree Lodge, led by Koreen Temple, has raised over £1,800 to buy additional palliative care resources to support residents and their families during what can be a very difficult time.

As part of their initiative to take good care of the family members and loved ones of Pinetree’s residents, the team has purchased two reclining chairs with the funds they raised. This will allow the family members of people receiving palliative care to stay overnight, so that they may spend precious time with their loved ones.

The team has also put together hospitality trays, which were designed by support worker Susan Pearson. These hospitality trays contain supplies and refreshments for the family members when they stay, to make them feel as comfortable and at-home as possible.

The team has also designed end-of-life boxes, which contain important supplies such as fresh bed linen, towels, and palliative care resources. These boxes were designed by the team to make sure that they are always prepared to provide residents with the very best care, knowing that they have organised everything they need in advance.

Although Koreen took the lead in this project, it was very much a group effort. As Susan designed the trays and boxes, and also contributed many ideas for fundraising, such as a sponsored walk which raised the majority of their funds.

Carole Anderson, a support worker, took part in this sponsored walk with her daughter. They walked an astonishing 24 miles from the Tyne Bridge to Wylam Bridge – then back again! Carol is a keen walker and completes the 12-mile route every year, however this year she decided to double it!

Louise Adamson is ‘immensely proud’ of Pinetree’s innovative staff such as Koreen, Carol, and Susan, and their ability to ‘think outside of the box’. Louise believes that the end-of-life group is leading the way for other groups and hopes that their innovative ideas will inspire others.

Despite already working in a busy environment during a global pandemic, the brilliant team has still found the time and energy to go above and beyond for the people they support. Their ability to come up with thoughtful, people-centred  care, alongside their day-to-day work, just demonstrates their dedication and motivation to help others.

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