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Wednesday 2nd November is National Stress Awareness Day.

What is stress? Experiencing ‘stress’ usually refers to having a negative response to a challenging situation or to demands being placed upon us.

Stress impacts us all differently – some excel under pressure, whilst others may feel overwhelmed or withdrawn.

Remember, stress doesn’t need to take over and if you’re struggling, there are lots of ways that you can manage and reduce stress, using some simple techniques.

Some top tips to manage and reduce stress:

  • Take regular breaks

Skipping breaks or working late because you feel overwhelmed by your workload can actually be counterproductive. Make sure to take the breaks you’re entitled to and leave on time – you’ll find that having a rest helps you to resume tasks with better focus.

  • Exercise

Add some additional exercise into your routine – even a short walk or jog can help. Regular physical activity helps remove stress hormones from our system, therefore helping us feel more relaxed.

We have created a Stress Workbook with helpful exercises and tips, which can be found in the Employee Portal

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