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If you are feeling less than merry this festive season, it is important to remind yourself that stress, anxiety and depression are common at this time of year and that these feelings are normal. Issues that we may be facing day to day can feel more difficult when we add the extra financial pressure and stress that tends to accompany the festive season.

Being mindful – paying attention to the here and now – can help us to enjoy and appreciate the experience of Christmas as it happens, helping us to feel calmer and more in control.

Read some of our mindful tips;


Eat and drink mindfully

Enjoy the quality of your Christmas food and drink rather than the quantity! Take time to notice the smell, texture and flavour of your favourite seasonal treats.

Mix things up

Festive traditions are an important part of celebrating for many of us but consciously breaking habits can help us live more mindfully.  Try sitting at a different place at the dinner table and notice how the experience changes. Maybe even try eating a sprout or two (mindfully, of course!).

Spread some festive cheer

Be mindful of how you interact with colleagues, friends, family, neighbours and strangers. Make a conscious choice to be kind and compassionate.

Appreciate the atmosphere

Take time to focus your attention on the unique sights, sounds and smells of the festive season.


You can read more of our mindfulness tips in the Employee Portal.

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