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The way the service was managed, in particular:

  • Speed of access
  • Flexibility of sessions to meet emerging needs, including increasing/reducing the number when required
  • Consistency of sessions, being at the same time each week
  • Using questionnaires as a measure of progress

The way that practitioners worked with them, especially:

  • The listening skills and friendliness of the practitioner
  • A directive yet sensitive and collaborative approach to sessions
  • Sessions being tailored to suit the service user, so that it felt personal and gave a feeling of being in “safe hands”
  • Use of homework for outside the sessions
  • A sense of moving towards independence and an emphasis on developing strategies for aiding awareness and self help
  • The knowledge of the practitioners in comparison to previous experience

When asked to rate the extent to which they thought the service embodied Concern Group’s values the average rating for each value was more than 9 out of 10.

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