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Alex Slack, our Head of Estates and Sustainability, shares Everyturn Mental Health's very first sustainability vision statement. It sets out why environmental health should, and does, matter so deeply to a mental health non-profit.

As Everyturn’s Head of Estates and Sustainability, I feel privileged to share our sustainability vision statement. I also feel very fortunate to work for an organisation that is taking sustainability so seriously, making it a core part of our organisational strategy.

We’re here to care for and support people’s mental health and wellbeing, but for us it goes beyond that. If our purpose is to make sure no one struggles alone, we also need to care for our wider planetary wellbeing.

The climate crisis isn’t something that’s coming, or just ‘around the corner’ – we’re in it now. This summer in particular has been one of disastrously extreme weather across Europe and the world. Our response needs to match the level of emergency.

Earlier this year we welcomed Sam Cassidy, our Net Zero and Sustainability Lead, into my team in the organisation. Since then, he’s been working hard behind the scenes to develop a strategy to get us to net zero and to make Everyturn an organisation that’s truly sustainable.

This vision statement has been an important part of that process. Not just what we’re going to do, but starting with why we’re doing it in the first place.

“We know that there’s a climate and nature emergency. Our sustainability vision statement brings context to the future challenges we’re facing and sets out why we should be taking action as an organisation. It’s a reflection of our core values.

“The steps that follow, including our carbon reduction plan and sustainability strategy, will be built on our vision statement. The statement is also a guide and motivation for all our colleagues, as we look to take meaningful action to create a more sustainable future.”

— Sam Cassidy, Net Zero and Sustainability Lead

Visit our publications page to download our sustainability vision statement, or read it below.

We look forward to updating you on our progress and sharing the specifics of our plan.

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