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Limbic is the only AI mental health chatbot in the world to earn this status for its clinical effectiveness, safety, and risk management.

Andy Wright, our Chief Operating Officer at Everyturn Mental Health, said:

“At Everyturn Mental Health, we embrace innovations that help us to deliver operationally and clinically excellent IAPT services. We have partnered with Limbic since 2021, which has allowed us to launch Limbic Access into all of our services. The majority of our referrals are digital; 90% of these now come via Limbic AI. When we launched Limbic AI on our website, we experienced an immediate 32% increase in access across our services.

“Limbic AI has allowed patients to refer themselves at a time most convenient to them, and to book an appointment directly with a practitioner. This has been so popular and successful that 40% of our self-referrals are now received outside of our normal working hours. The overall impact of this has included assessments and treatment being offered more quickly, waiting times have reduced, and patients are more likely to complete their treatment. We are excited about working with Limbic to co-produce new innovations that will continue to improve our patients’ experience.”

Dr Ross Harper, co-founder and CEO of Limbic, the UK-based health tech company that created this mental health e-triage chatbot, said:

“This is a landmark moment for mental healthcare, as it provides strong evidence that our psychological assessment software – the first in the world to gain this level of certification – is a safe and clinically effective way to augment the therapy process within mental health services at a time when such support has never been more needed.”

We are proud of our partnership with Limbic and we look forward to continuing working together, improving access to mental health support to ensure that no one struggles on alone.

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