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Yesterday, we celebrated the very first event of its kind at Everyturn - the Everyturn Awards. We are so proud of the impact that our amazing colleagues make every day, and this event was all about shining a light on that incredible work, while also having lots of fun!

We were thrilled to host the Everyturn Awards at Gosforth Civic Theatre, an independent arts venue, cafe bar, events space, and community hub.

Throughout the night, we celebrated the achievements of our people through a number of awards.

To start, we announced the final winners of our Values Awards. Our values are what drive the impactful work we do here at Everyturn.

  • Innovation

  • Compassion

  • Accountability

  • Respect

  • Excellence

From acting with humility and kindness, prioritising the needs of the people we support, creating an inclusive and supportive environment, thinking outside of the box, going the extra mile, and protecting people and planet – our colleagues embody these values in everything they do.

We were so pleased to highlight a number of our colleagues who reflected these values in the past year. Our people were nominated and voted on by their colleagues across Everyturn, and it was brilliant to celebrate our 2024 winners!

Shortly after, we recognised even more of the incredible work our people do, through our brand new Everyturn Awards, for which we received over 90 nominations. A new set of awards to recognise the people making waves of change, the people showing incredible talent and dedication, those who go above and beyond making a difference to others, the leaders who empower, the teams working together to provide the right support in the highest-quality, and the teams providing the essential support to our colleagues behind the scenes.

We were really proud to highlight a number of our people and teams that did just this, and we couldn’t wait to celebrate our 2024 winners!

  • Unsung Hero of the Year Award

  • Support Team of the Year Award

  • Rising Star of the Year Award

  • Operational Team of the Year Award

  • Changemaker of the Year Award

  • Leader of the Year Award

  • Green Award

Remembering Tom Carpenter

And last but by no means least, we had a surprise award in store…

In 1986, a man named Tom Carpenter founded our charity, then called Mental Health Concern, with the goal of providing compassionate, individual, person-centred care for people living with dementia. He valued looking at a person’s whole life, treating them with the utmost dignity and respect, and supporting them to lead an ordinary life.

Fast-forward 37 years, we have become Everyturn Mental Health. We might be bigger, and we have a new name, but the work we do every day is still driven by Tom Carpenter’s values and passion.

Tom sadly died nearly 20 years ago, while serving as the chief executive of our organisation, so yesterday we were so proud to welcome Julie Bartley, Tom’s daughter, to the stage. Julie spoke about the incredible impact Tom had on the care landscape, and what a trailblazer he was in providing compassionate support for people struggling with their mental health.

Our final award of the night was the Tom Carpenter Award. An award to recognise a colleague at Everyturn Mental Health who embodies Tom’s values in their own work.

An enormous well done to every one of our nominees, finalists and winners at the 2024 Everyturn Awards. It was a day filled with support, love, and so much joy. A day we’ll all remember for a long time. Congratulations to everyone!

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