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“You know that saying that ‘If you find your perfect job, you’ll never have to work a day in your life’? That’s what I have now.”

Before joining us, Nova was a 999 call handler for the ambulance service. Having dealt with a number of mental health calls, she realised that she wanted to help people like those she’d spoken to. So, she applied to be a Patient Coordinator for our NHS Talking Therapies services.

During her time with the team, Nova also saw the positive impact that our community mental health colleagues were having, and was inspired to get more involved. Having asked Adam, our Chief Executive, if she could do some work experience with the community team, Nova has since taken up a permanent role as one of our Community Support Workers.

Nova now works in the community with people struggling with their mental health. She offers support and guidance to people who are dealing with all kinds of challenges, including socially isolation or anxiety, and helps them to build a life that works for them.

“My job is so different every day, I meet so many different people, I get involved in so many activities in the community and with work.”

Nova has struggled with her own mental health for over 20 years. She understands that sharing her experience with the people she supports can help them to relate to her, and feel hopeful that change is possible.

“If I can talk about my lived experience, it can help others.”

Nova has a number of tools that she uses to support her own mental health, which she then shares with the people she works with.

“Because I have that experience, it helps so much. We understand what they’re talking about, rather than a doctor or a therapist – talking to someone about real life means a lot more and they can get a lot more from our service.”

When Nova went through a rough time with her own health and wellbeing, her managers found her the right support.

“I wouldn’t have got through that time if it hadn’t been for the people I work with.”

Nova believes that, at Everyturn, we really do have our colleagues at the centre of everything we do.

“I always planned to retire at 55 – I’m absolutely not going to!”

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