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National Inclusion Week is a time for us all to celebrate inclusion and take action to make sure our workplaces are inclusive.

This year’s theme is Take Action Make Impact, and the aim is for all of us as organisations and colleagues to think about what we can do to make a positive impact for everyone.

At Everyturn we’re incredibly passionate about making sure that we’re an inclusive, welcoming and supportive workplace. It’s important to us that our colleagues feel comfortable bringing their whole selves to work. As part of our passionate approach to our equity, diversity and inclusion strategy, we’ve been working on our organizational pledges and commitments as a workplace focused on being inclusive and diverse.

Sarah Dewar, Chief People Officer at Everyturn says:

“Colleague voice is really important to us at Everyturn and in shaping our EDI priorities, the views of our people were vital. Through focus groups, sessions with our network groups and colleague surveys we found out what would really make an impactful difference to our people. ”

“From enhancing our learning offer to co-creating new policies to putting in place new network support groups, we’ve been focusing on taking actions that have impact.”

Our pledges

Earlier this year we signed the EW Inclusive Culture pledge – a pledge that is close to our heart and specific to what we want to achieve as an organisation.

We also recognise how important it is for our colleagues to feel that they can bring their whole selves to work, which is one of the many important reasons we introduced our Gender Identity Policy. Our Gender Identity Policy focuses on educating, using inclusive language, and avoiding assumptions. All of which can make an enormous difference when creating a safe and accepting environment for our colleagues. 

We’re really proud to share an overview of the work we’ve been doing to make sure we’re a forward-thinking, inclusive place to work. A place that values diverse thinking, experiences and ways of working.

Our pledges and awards include:

  • EW Inclusive Culture Award 
  • Disability Confident Employer 
  • Menopause Workplace Pledge 
  • Great Place to Work – top workplaces for women 2022 
  • Member of the Diversity in Health and Care Partners programme run by NHS employers 
  • Mindful Employer

Our network groups

Here at Everyturn, we have a number of network groups where colleagues are able to share their experiences, provide mutual support and highlight ways that we can improve our inclusivity even further as an organisation.

Let’s hear from some of our colleagues:

Steffen (he/him), member of the Neurodiversity Support Group says,

“I joint the Neurodiversity group earlier this year, ever since I have found support in colleges and ally’s in the Neurodiversity group. I have had the space to chat and learn about how dyslexia can impact people at work through which I learned about how my own dyslexia impacts me at work.”

“Sharing my experience in the Neurodiversity group has helped me find new strategies and tools that support me in every day tasks.”

Ciara (she/her), Chair of the Multicultural Group says,

We invite colleagues to post in the group, read and share any relevant stories/materials/funny anecdotes and we’re hosting a monthly catch up with ethnically and culturally diverse colleagues to check in and build community.”

Jamille (he/him), Chair of the LGBTQIA+ Network says,

“I began chairing the group in February in 2023 and we have focused predominantly on Pride History Month and LGBTQ Pride month. Our members have been contributing to Everyturn social media by writing blog posts and participating in the  ‘It’s all Mental’ podcast.”

“We have some ongoing larger projects around altering pronoun inputting/gathering and improving access to gender neutral toilets.”

Sarah (she/her), Chair of the Carers Group says,

“The carers group was set up following some interest from our colleagues. We have a number of people in Everyturn with caring responsibilities and these come in many forms from caring to a parent or parents, children, other family members or friends.”

“The group is in place to enable these colleagues to talk to each other, share their experiences honestly and openly for practical help and support.

David (he/him), member of the Neurodiversity Support Group says,

“The support from everyone is fab. Its my safe space to ‘be me’ without being judged.”

What our colleagues say

At Everyturn, we recently carried out our colleague summer survey which gave us a valuable insight into how our colleagues are feeling at work. This survey is always a brilliant opportunity for us to see our strengths as a workplace, but also to see areas which need improvement.

We’re really pleased to share that 85% of our colleagues feel confident and accepted for who they are, and 78% of our colleagues feel that we promote mental and physical health among colleagues. 

Colleague feedback is really important to us, as we know it’s our colleagues that shape our organisation and the work we do to support people with their mental health. 

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