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In conversation with Fiona and Adam

As today is Transgender Day of Visibility, we’re sharing one of our recent ‘in conversation with’ videos between Adam Crampsie, Chief Executive and Fiona McCarthy, Finance Consultant.

Transgender Day of Visibility is dedicated to celebrating and championing transgender people, and raising awareness around the discrimination that transgender people face.

Adam, Chief Executive at Everyturn and Fiona McCarthy, Finance Consultant, had an incredibly insightful, open and frank conversation about what it means to be a transgender woman, including transgender life in the workplace and growing up.

“I believe mother nature makes us this way, I think if you look through cultures around the world, ancient cultures, trans people have always existed. I think the North American Indians referred to us as two spirited.” – Fiona.

Our ‘in conversation with’ series is so important to us as an organisation, as we are able to champion, celebrate and learn from our incredible workforce.

We found this conversation between Fiona and Adam incredibly interesting and insightful, and we hope you do too!

Please find the full video at the top of this post!

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