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Andy joined our executive team as National Operations Director in November 2021, and has since been responsible for overseeing the operations of Everyturn Mental Health. As Chief Operating Officer, Andy now also holds responsibility for our operations across Everyturn Mental Health.

Integration is a key element of our Shaping Our Future Strategy, which includes joining up our services locally and across both organisations. We are proud to be recognised for delivering the highest standards of clinical and operational excellence.

As Chief Operating Officer, Andy will continue to work with our colleagues to drive performance and positive outcomes for the people who use our services.

Prior to joining us in 2021, Andy worked in the field of mental health for a variety of organisations, including the NHS, the Home Office, local authorities, and the Ministry of Defence.

We have already benefitted enormously from Andy’s wealth of experience, so we are delighted that he is now stepping into the role of Chief Operating Officer.

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