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We know that people in the lowest 20% income bracket in Britain are two to three times more likely to develop mental health problems than those in the highest [1]. We see this every day, as the mental ill-health of many of the people who use our crisis services is directly linked to financial hardship, unstable housing, and debt.

Increasing inflation, falling incomes, and energy bills surging by an enormous £693 per year will push even more people into poverty and mental health crises.

The Government is failing them.

The support announced by the Chancellor is plainly inadequate. It will leave thousands of people, who are already in desperate financial hardship, facing impossible choices about how to cope.

We call on the Government to do much, much more to support vulnerable people in this country, many of whom are already locked in a spiral of debt and distress. We will be reaching out to our local MPs to convey our profound concern that more must be done, and to offer our help and expertise wherever it is needed.

Nobody should have to struggle alone with their mental health. We’re here to make sure they don’t.

Adam Crampsie
Chief Executive


[1] Marmot, M., Allen, J., Goldblatt, P., Boyce, T., McNeish, D., Grady, M., & Geddes, I. (2010). Fair society, healthy lives: Strategic review of health inequalities in England post 2010.

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