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At Everyturn, our mission is to ensure that no one struggles alone with their mental health. It is this purpose that shapes the high-quality, NHS-commissioned services we provide, such as crisis support, NHS Talking Therapies, 24-hour specialist care, dementia care, and community wellbeing support, to name a few. 

As a non-profit mental health organisation, we know how much our services positively impact and change the lives of the people we support. Many of the services that we and other mental health charities provide will often be the only support available to some of our most marginalised communities. 

A survey of The Association’s 300+ members has shown: 

  • A 100% increase in waiting times for access to specialist referral and crisis services since summer 2022 
  • A 50% rise in people presenting with increasing needs, particularly with anxieties relating to money and housing because of the cost of living crisis 

Association of Mental Health Providers calculates that ‘more than 2 million people are either unable to access any mental health care and support or are needing more specialist services than those being provided’. 

We are passionate about ensuring that no one struggles alone. With 1 in 8 of our population being supported by mental health charities, which is an astounding 8 million people, we are calling on action from the government ahead of the Chancellor’s first Spring Budget.  

We urge the government to support mental health charities providing services. Mental health support should be consistently available, accessible to all, high-quality, and considered a vital part of our National Health Service. 

We are proudly supporting this campaign and calling for Mental Health Equality Now.

For more information on the #MHEqualityNow Campaign, please visit:

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