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This investment intends to transform the mental health care landscape by linking support systems to create a more holistic model of care.

A more connected system means that people seeking help only need to explain their story once, and will be able to access different forms of personalised support from the outset. This is important because, for many people who experience mental illness, their diagnosis isn’t the only thing that they want or need help with.

One of the key areas of investment is the Northumberland Recovery College, which Everyturn Mental Health is proud to lead. The Northumberland Recovery College is a fantastic new initiative which launched in 2021. It’s open to any adult in Northumberland who wants to improve their mental health, by building their knowledge, skills, and participating in activities which promote wellbeing.

The NHS England investment will allow services, such as recovery colleges, to help people in the Northumberland who are experiencing mental ill-health.

Our Head of Community and Wellbeing Services, Julia Perry, has responded to news of the investment:

This is a really exciting programme that will make it easier for local people to find the mental health support they need. After the incredible challenges of the last 18 months, this investment could not have come at a better time. Our team at Everyturn Mental Health is proud to be involved and to lead the Northumberland Recovery College, which puts wellbeing support at the heart of communities across Northumberland.

This investment will improve the mental health care landscape at a crucial time because, as the pandemic’s psychological impact unfolds, community mental health services will need to continue to provide robust support.

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