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The countdown to the Great North Run has truly begun, with only 24 days to go until the big day!

Our nine fantastic runners have been limbering up and pounding the streets to prepare themselves for the 13-mile run on 9 September — all to raise money for our services. This is Everyturn Mental Health’s first time as an official charity in the race, so we are even more excited to see our team among the thousands of runners on the day!

We announced earlier in the year that the Lord Mayor of Newcastle, David Down, has chosen Everyturn Mental Health as one of two charities to raise awareness of during his year in office. Four of our runners met with the Lord Mayor at Newcastle’s Civic Centre yesterday, so he could give them some words of encouragement before the big day (and he kindly let them have a little practice run down the Silver Gallery…).

Brendan, Scott, Liam, Teresa, Laura, Richard, Alan, David, and Benji are aiming to raise at least £200 each — please donate as generously as you can!

You can find their JustGiving pages here:

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