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The ‘Great North Thank You’ marks the Great North Run’s 40th staging and will celebrate truly inspirational people who went above and beyond for their local communities during the pandemic.

14 inspirational people, including Sergeant Tom Power, have been chosen out of countless submissions by a panel of judges. They will be honoured, and their contributions recognised, in a large visual installation along the running route.

We are delighted that Tom has been selected to represent the mental health category, as his incredible efforts as a Everyturn Mental Health volunteer during the pandemic deserve this recognition.

During lockdown, Tom helped to deliver vital supplies and social connection to the most vulnerable people in our society. In this role, he was truly inspirational, going above and beyond to help people in our community who were shielding or isolating.

Tom helped with shopping, delivering prescriptions, and befriending vulnerable older people in the community. Throughout the pandemic, Tom’s small team helped around 50 people a week in this way!

When asked what inspired him to get involved and volunteer with us, Tom explained that he ‘Could not sit idle whilst people were struggling’. Tom found his time volunteering ‘very rewarding’ and is grateful to have had a ‘chance to interact with [his] community and add some value in challenging times’.

We are fortunate to work with such inspiring people who share the same desire to support our community.

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