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Our very own Adam Crampsie, Chief Executive at Everyturn Mental Health, will be speaking at the Digital Health Show this Wednesday, 26th April.

Adam will be discussing the future of digital therapeutics and innovation alongside Chris Gibbons, Lauren Harkins and Rhod Joyce from KPMG and NHS England. He’ll also be speaking with Salesforce alongside Michael Duggan, Elodie Soetaert and Sarita Kumari on scale care services in times of great demand, with the right technology.

At Everyturn Mental Health, we deliver a range of mental health services, and we work to fully understand the needs of every person and community we support. With innovation being one of our core values as an organisation, it’s so important to us to give opportunities and the right support to people and our colleagues by thinking creatively and dynamically.

We embrace digital to make our services even more accessible to the people and communities we support. Not only does embracing digital allow us to deliver personalised services with a more accessible pathway, it also enables our passionate teams to deliver outstanding care and impact across the organisation.

We’re really looking forward to hearing Adam speak on something we’re so passionate about at Everyturn!

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