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Our BAME working group is called EMPHASIS which stands for:

  • Equality
  • Motivation
  • Participation
  • Health
  • Access
  • Support
  • Inclusion
  • Sponsorship

EMPHASIS is a diversity network for BAME colleagues which is committed to anti-racism. We’ve been talking to some of the members of EMPHASIS, about what the group means to them.

2 minutes with… the Exec Team Sponsor

Sahreen Safdar, Chief Finance Officer, is the Exec Team sponsor for EMPHASIS. Sahreen will be working closely with the group to help bring about the changes they want to see.

I’m so proud to be the Exec Team sponsor for EMPHASIS, the BAME working group.

EMPHASIS will help us to create an environment where everyone thrives, by championing equality, diversity, and inclusion throughout our organisation, for the benefit of both our colleagues and service users.

2 minutes with… Ciara

Ciara Boakye is a Locality Lead and High Intensity CBT Therapist in our Talking Together Wirral service.

For Ciara, EMPHASIS means community an opportunity to positively influence the organisation. In the future, Ciara is excited about using the working group to address issues that affect service users and colleagues from underrepresented ethnic minority communities and help them to achieve equity. Ciara would love to connect with more colleagues and encourages colleagues to join the group because it’s friendly, open, and a safe space.

2 minutes with… Reuben

Reuben Soobrayen is the Senior People Business Partner in Everyturn Mental Health’s People Team.

Reuben explains that EMPHASIS offers an opportunity to connect with BAME colleagues, learn and help shape our working lives on inclusivity. Reuben is excited about seeing EMPHASIS support Everyturn Mental Health with BAME issues and inclusion.

Reuben describes the group as friendly, supportive and encourages more colleagues to join as everyone is welcome!

2 minutes with… Liz

Liz Hill works in our Everyturn Mental Health Peterborough service as a Counselling Team Lead.

Liz explains that EMPHASIS offers an opportunity for her to connect with others in the organisation and find ways to improve how we work, for the benefit of everyone. Liz is excited about being able to share ideas and shape policies, to make a difference to people who may not always be heard or seen. Liz is looking forward to using the group to learn, expand and understand.

For those colleagues who are thinking about joining EMPHASIS, Liz explains that the group is passionate about moving things forward for the good of everyone. So, if you’re looking to make a difference to service users, the wider community, and colleagues and if you want to share ideas and help create understanding, this is the group for you!

2 minutes with… Radhika

Radhika Kotak-Patel is a Senior PWP in the Everyturn Mental Health Clinical Referral Team.

For Radhika, the working group is a great opportunity to meet other colleagues in the organisation and work together to improve inclusive working. Radhika is most excited about being a part of the positive change the group intends to bring about.

Radhika explains that by joining EMPHASIS, you’ll have a fantastic opportunity to share your views, learn and be able to contribute change to the organisation.

We’re looking forward to seeing the fantastic impact that the group will make!

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